Our Wines

The Atlantic, the Continent, the Mediterranean and exceptional vineyards.

In Tierra de Blancos, the Duero, the Mediterranean and Tokyo Gómez-Rojo.

Four origins, four journeys that take us back to different moments in our lives, when we felt oenology in a different way.


Spain is a great country. Full of wine Full of culture. Full of life. Full of colour.

The production of a white wine demands the highest technical excellence. Our interest in this type of wine has taken us to regions where we have been able to work hand in hand in the production of native grapes that have earned respect over the centuries.

North Spain.
D.O. Rías Baixas, D.O. Valdeorras, D.O. Rueda. & D.O. Cava.
Grape varieties
Albariño, Godello, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc & Trepat.

Slide Trepat Albariño
Sauvignon Blanc Verdejo


The Duero is the most important river in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It rises in the southern foothills of Urbión peak, at 2160 m above sea level, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Oporto. It is 897 km long and its riverbank is witness to the best wines in the world.

Valladolid, Castilla & León.
D.O. Ribera del Duero.
Entre 900 & 700 mts.
38° 25' 00.87``.
Grape varieties
Tinto Fino.
Clayey, limestone-layered, calcareous and stony with pebbles.

Slide Tinto Fino
Tinto Fino
Tinto Fino


The South. The Mediterranean. Our home.
Our winery and vineyards are located on the northern slope of the Sierra de La Pila Regional Park. In this unique location we find a unique altitude and climate for our Monastrell and Garnacha vines, limestone and clay soils in extreme dryness that provide concentration and a terroir that gives us aromas of thyme, pine and rosemary.

North slope of the Sierra de la Pila Regional Park, El Altiplano, Region of Murcia.
Indicación Geográfica Protegida Murcia.
500 mts.
38° 25' 00.87``.
Grape varieties
Monastrell & Garnacha.
Mediterranean - Semi desert.
Chalky and clayey.

Slide Rosado


There are wines that are like a son.

They appear naturally and capture all our attention, all our love, all our admiration.

They appear when the weather conditions are right for a historic vintage, when experience has taught us how to achieve perfection in the care of a grape or when the story behind that particular vintage makes it stand out from the rest.

They are special. They are unique.

We call them magnificent wines.

TGR Magnífico vino de Pedro Ximenez.
My roots are in Andalusia. My love affair with Pedro Ximenez dates back to 1995, when I discovered this special grape while working with Antonio Sampalo (Bodegas Garvey) in my beloved Córdoba. Antonio taught me a lot. So much so that this Brut Nature is a tribute to those years we lived together and which marked me in how to understand my work, the wine market and the business philosophy. It is a zero dosage sparkling wine that smells of that Cordoba, of that Andalusia that saw me grow up.
TRG Magnifico vino de Albillo Mayor.
We are fascinated by vineyards that over time have become part of history. This is the case of the old Albillo Mayor that we found mixed among the Tinto Fino vines in an ancestral vineyard in Paraje Valquemado, Hontoria de Valdearados, Burgos. We are amazed by the ability of generations of winegrowers who decided to use this variety to add acidity to the red wine, or to obtain a more commercial product, more drinkable in claret. We have not been able to buy this vineyard from Sebastián, but Ernesto believes it is much better for him to continue looking after it himself. It is a white wine with a lot of structure and flavour. We think it is sensational.
TRG Magnifico vino de Monastrell y Garnacha.
Monastrell was the grape that brought us to Murcia. And Murcia was the beginning of all our dreams. Here, there are corners of unique vineyards that invite to the elaboration of a great wine. Our 5 vineyards are located between two ramblas caused by historically heavy rains: La Rambla del Moro and La Rambla del Judío. These are cool areas and underground rivers that maintain constant humidity at a depth of less than 2 metres, forcing the plant to search deep for nutrients. We make a strong Monastrell wine. 7 years ago we planted a Garnacha vineyard in a Romeral watchtower. North facing. The ideal choice of the Ruggeri 140 rootstock, the selection of the right Garnacha clone and the impeccable management of this vineyard allowed us to reach a 2021 vintage of exceptional quality. Red fruit and black fruit. We are fascinated by how they complement each other, how they add up together. It is a beautiful Mediterranean story.
TRG Magnifico vino de Syrah y Petit Verdot.
In 2015 we discovered a charming spot in the Paraje de La Raja, a valley located in the northern foothills of the Sierra de La Pila Natural Park, and we understood that it was the ideal place to build the winery, adjusted in materials and colours to the environment. At that time Patrick Méraz de Haut Brion was our mentor and teacher and we decided together to plant a small plot of Petit Verdot and another of Syrah. The initial idea I think was to contribute to the Monastrell, but with the passing of time and care, these two vineyards have become two marvellous beasts for making great wines. Together they offer us one of the best wines we have ever made and tasted.

Slide Syrah &
Petit Verdot

Syrah &
Petit Verdot

Pedro Ximénez
Albillo Mayor
& Garnacha