Wine tourism

Two young wine winemakers Jose Luis Gomez and Laura Rojo had a dream that has now become the mantra of a whole team. Effort, dedication, fight and lots of love are the ingredients that make the perfect wine and of course this beautiful love story.

Casa Rojo doors are open Monday to Friday for anyone that wants to discover personally where we make what we call “magic” and above all how and why we make it. Once you finish the tour to our wineyards and winery guided by Estibaliz Garcia-Carpintero, you will enjoy a tasting of our wines paired with some of the best dishes elaborated by our chef Mari Carmrn Celdran.

Are you a company? They say imagination goes beyond its limits when you are surrounded by vineyards. Casa Rojo offers its unique oasis to those willing to motivate, enhancr o just meet with their staff and colleagues. We customize a day plan adapted to your needs and number of employees, alowing you to create a unique working day experience.

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