MOLTÓ NEGRE – Technical Details





In 2013 we met Joan Martí at Vinexpo Shanghai. Joan is the third generation of the Pinord family, which breathes CAVA history on all four sides in Vilafranca del Penedés.

Joan tasted our white wines and asked us: How come you don’t make a cava with me?

It was a different time and Laura and I didn’t say no to anything…but we made one condition: we would stay away from the classic blend.

Moltó Negre was the first cava blanc de Noir 100% Trepat to qualify as DO Cava and we found one of the most delicate sparkling wines in the world, as defined in Alba by the three Michelin-starred Enrico Crippa of the Piazza Duomo restaurant.

Today we cannot live without this creamy blanc de Noir that opens all our tastings and, curiously, closes them.



In the Conca de Barberá, in the heart of the Penedés, among soils with loam and limestone textures and a certain clay content, we find the Trepat plots from which we make this creamy “blanc de Noir” sparkling wine every year.
Our cava is elegant, fine, coquettish. With a very pale pink color and golden hints. With a fine and constant bubble on the palate, it is a real explosion of red fruits combined with citrus, milk and some delicate pastry notes. Tasty, with a well-integrated and fine bubbles on the palate.
Very fruity and creamy finish with hints of liquorice and very good acidity that gives it a fresh end.
Production limited to 18,000 bottles.



Harvested by hand during the first week of September, always according to previous sampling, ensuring the optimum ripening point. We carry out a maceration with their skins for 2 hours in order to extract the maximum aromatic precursors of the variety. Afterwards, we carry out a light pressing and select the free-run juice to elaborate the base wine. Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks at low temperature (16ºC). Once fermentation is complete, we obtain our base wine trepat and proceed to the second fermentation in the bottle.
We do the tirage (bottling for secondary fermentation), and leave the bottles in our cellar to ferment and age for a minimum of 10 months. Once this time has elapsed, we proceed to the uncorking and final corking for shipment.



Grapes from indigenous vineyards that are very well adapted to the granitic and clay soils of the estate, which, together with the microclimate of the area, make them unique. System of conduction of the vine in partly in V and in espalier. The harvest is done carefully by hand. The grapes are from vineyards oriented towards the south of Galicia, delimited by the Miño river and transited by the Tea river, which crosses it from north to south.



12 months aging on its fine lees.









11.5% Vol.



It has a pale pink color with bright flashes of gold. Delicate bubbles of small size, constant release. Good intensity on the nose, with aromas of red fruits combined with citrus, dairy and some delicate pastry notes. The palate has a savory attack, with well-integrated carbonation. Fruity and slightly creamy, hints of licorice and good acidity that confers a fresh finish.